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Claudia Akemi Wakabayashi

from Lima, Peru

Winter, 2007


The following is a speech that was given by a Lions Youth Exchange visitor, Claudia  Wakabayashi, when she attended the Lacey Sunrise Lions Club on January 25, 2007.   According to Lion Bob Kelley, “I was very impressed by her preparation and presentation.  Claudia delivered a dynamic program; it was very impressive and she captivated all of us.” 


Speech for Lions Club Meeting


Dear Lions club members and Bob Kelley, President and representatives of Youth Exchange Lions Club.  First of all I would like to take this opportunity to show my thanks for being here and share part of my experience in youth exchange of Lions Club with you.


My name is Claudia Akemi Wakabayashi Saima.  The people who know me usually call me by my Japanese name “Akemi”.  I come from Peru and my hometown is Lima.  I am 18 years old and I represent the third generation of Japanese people from my family in Peru. 


There are four members in my family.  My father, my mother, my younger brother and me.  My father’s name is Jose Luis and he works in marketing for different companies and teaches marketing and sales in a master degree’s college.  My mother’s name is Elizabeth, she is a painter and a cosmetic line seller.  Also have a brother that is sixteen years old called Kaoru that is going to finish high school this year. 


Finally me, last year I finished high school.  This year I begin college in March.  My major is advertisement and marketing.  I know how to speak four languages:  Spanish is my first language, English is my second best language and finally I know little bit of Japanese and French. 


I really enjoy meeting other people, making trips constantly, drinking too much coffee and learning from other cultures.  This had been my third time traveling with Lions Club.  My District is H-3 San Antonio of Peru.  Thanks to my chairman, Mrs. Lily Hammerde, I am able to make this trip.  This great institution gave the opportunity to visit other places like: Japan, Wisconsin, Canada and Seattle.


For me each of the trips had been very inspiring, not only because it represents a big challenge, but also it becomes a life experience.  Exchanges allow me to become more independent, socialize with other people and learn from other cultures. 


Why do I believe exchange programmes are important?  I think that today’s young people are not well informed and same time have a wrong idea of other countries.  I believe and I can tell you this because I learned from my own experience that taking part of a cultural exchange make us more open minded individuals and allows us to learn and share cultures with each other. 


I also think that sometimes we don’t appreciate things that surround us.  I think we should change our daily activities helping other people, especially young people to value what they have.  Exchange programmes are also important, because it allows people to b e involved in a community.


My host American family, Lola and Don, have made me feel like a member of the family and I want to tell them that I will always keep them in my heart.  I am very thankful for all the good things they have done for me.  I hope that my experience will be shared with other people and help to make people want to participate in exchange programmes. 


Thanks again to the Lions Club members and to Mr. Bob Kelley for giving me the chance of being here.  I hope to apply all the new things I learned here in my daily life and in the future. 


          ~ Claudia Akemi Wakabayashi,

             Youth Exchange Visitor from Lima Peru








Winter, 2005


Daniel's address  to the Kimberley Lions Club



Sixteen year old Daniel Herrick from Australia first stayed with Patricia Medveckus in Gig Harbor, WA, USA from Dec 7th until Dec 27; then onto Kimberley, BC, Canada for the remainder of his visit.

                             Daniel Herrick

                                                                                            Moruya, New South Wales


January 25th, 2005


Dear Kimberley Lions Club, 


I am writing to thank you for an unforgettable experience and to let you know that I have arrived home safely. On my trip home I had a three-day stop over in Los Angles, California where I met up with the other 25 Youth Exchangees from Australia. This was a fantastic experience where lots of stories were shared, new friendships made and fun had by all!


Secondly I wish to let you know how absolutely fantastic Dave and Marge Biggs were as host parents. Whilst staying there I really felt as though I was part of the family. They both strived to make sure that I had an action packed, fun and memorable time whilst in Kimberley. I think that almost everyday we were out doing or seeing something interesting. They both also showed me Canadian ‘culture’ which was actually really interesting.


One of the more memorable experiences was a three-day trip to world famous Banff. This was an awesome experience in itself. I was able to ski Sunshine Village, which was nothing short of heaven. J I also had my fair share of steeping in Hot Springs. They are both fantastic, down to earth people that really made my trip a special one.


I would also like to thank everyone there in the Kimberley Lions Club who helped make my stay in Kimberley so enjoyable. Everybody really seemed to pull together to show me the area from a ‘local’s perspective’. Because of this teamwork I was able to go skiing, snow mobiling, I got to see an ice hockey match and an exploration drill site.


Once again I wish to that you all for the best Lions Youth Exchange ever!


Daniel Herrick


PS: I will be back to Canada.... I love it!



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