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Host Family Application (Adobe PDF)

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Traveling Youth Application (Adobe PDF)


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Opportunities for Hosting!

Incoming Exchange 2016


NOTE:  Multiple District 19 will NOT be participating

in the Youth Exchange program for the 2016 Year

due to a lack of volunteers for the MD-19 YEP Committee.


We have several committee positions open, including Country Coordinators for

Asia, South America, and Australia/New Zealand.  

We also need working District Chairs for Youth Exchange in each District.


If you are interested in working on the Youth Exchange Committee,

please contact Lion Kathy Schumer, European Coordinator at

or Lion Ron Silver, Treasurer at


For information on the District 19-B Youth Exchange Program, Click Here.


Kathy Schumer, European Coordinator, E-mail: Lion Kathy Schumer



Host Family Booklet

Hosting periods are usually two or three weeks. From time to time, this might be extended to four weeks due to the youth's course of study.  MD-19 has 2 hosting seasons, one during July and August: the Summer Exchange; and another during December and January: the Winter Exchange.  During the Summer Exchange we receive youths from the Northern Hemisphere, including Europe and Asia.  For the Winter Exchange we host kids from the Southern Hemisphere including Australia, New Zealand and South America.

Host families are volunteering their hospitality. Who can be a host family? Any family of good moral character and with the sponsorship of an MD19 Lions Club. Lions' membership is not necessary, but the local Lions club must approve the hosting application.

What about entertaining your visitor? The visiting youth is to become a part of your family during the visit and is expected to participate in your normal family activities. Entertain them as you would any visitor to your home and community.  Also, consider having your sponsoring Lions Club participate and spend time with your youth.  As various club members share their interests with your visitor it can be rewarding for everyone involved!

For hosting, there must be at least one responsible person in the home most of the time. It is also mandatory that the youth have private sleeping arrangements, no doubling up. The usual hosting period is three weeks with a common exchange day selected so that most are traveling the same day.

When there are sufficient host families, we can provide a hosting on each side of the border.

  • Hosting a youth from a foreign land can be a rewarding experience.
  • Bonds of friendship are formed that can last for many years.

Host families are volunteering their hospitality because they enjoy the opportunity to learn about another culture, and to make a new friend. If you are interested in hosting, please apply through your local Lions Club. If the club is not listed in the telephone directory, or with the Chamber of Commerce, please see "Contact the Lions"






Winter Hosting Opportunities...

You can enter the new year by making a new friend from a foreign land. The Youth Exchange Program needs host families for its WINTER EXCHANGE. We have youths coming from Australia, New Zealand and South America for a 6 week period during December & January. They are looking forward to staying with a family in MD-19 and learning about our culture. They are eager to tell you about their homeland. 

These students will spend 3 weeks with a host family in the USA and 3 weeks with a family in Canada.  For more information about Hosting students from South America during our Winter Exchange, please contact Lion Bob Kelley.  For information about hosting students from Australia or New Zealand during our Winter Exchange, please contact Lion Kyle McKay.


Host Family Application - ADOBE PDF Version (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

The Adobe PDF Version of the Host Family application can be printed and filled out manually, then signed by the host family, the sponsoring Lions Club and the District YEP Chair.  If possible, to expedite the process, this form can be scanned into the computer than e-mailed to the coordinators upon completion and the hard-copy with signatures mailed out as soon as possible.

Host Family Application -  Adobe PDF


Host Family Application - MS Word Version

The following version of the Host Family Application can be opened and saved in MS Word.  Then the host family can complete the information on their computer, print and sign it, and obtain the signatures from the  sponsoring Lions Club and the District YEP Chair.  To expedite the process, the completed MS Word application can be e-mailed to the coordinators upon completion and the hard-copy with signatures mailed out as soon as possible.    

Host Family Application - MS Word


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